Become a Referee


Here are six good reasons why you should:

  1. It's a great way to stay in shape
  2. You can run around like a kid and people don't think you're goofy
  3. You get paid
  4. It's an opportunity to give something back to the community
  5. Continue to learn more about the game
  6. It's fun!

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All referees should obtain the following information prior to accepting a match assignment:
The match or tournament is a sanctioned event through one of the USSF affiliate members (US Youth Soccer, US Adult Soccer, AYSO, etc.)
The assigned match is within the limitations (competition level and age group) of the referee's/assistant referee's present grade certification
All members of the referee crew, assigned to the match, are within the limitations for their present grade certification
All members of the referee crew are certified for the present year (2008)

December 30, 2009
The PA West Soccer Youth Board has set forth a clearly defined procedure for team check-in and for post-game wrap-up. The procedures were developed to provide teams and referees a standard set of guidelines in order to facilitate a consistent pre-game and post-game at all levels of play and in all clubs.

  • Posted: May 1st, 2015 Summer Soccer Registration Deadline is June 1, 2015
    Registration Deadline June 1, 2015 (No Refunds given after June 10, 2015)
  • Posted: February 1st, 2015 2015 Spring Soccer Tryouts:
    January 24th, 2015 - 9:00-3:00 @ St. Bernard School - Age Group Time Slots TBD
  • Posted: January 13th, 2015 Winter League Starts:
    Week of March 2nd, 2015